TPG Fibre to your Building

Although I live in Pyrmont, and only 3km away from the centre of the Sydney CBD, the internet quality has historically been really poor in our apartment. At most we would get speeds of around 400Kbps down, and some tiny fraction of that up. About three weeks ago I noticed a huge jump in the speeds we could get. It was still nothing astronomical, but the jump was remarkably large. It's not something that could have just happened by itself. Something changed. I hoped it was related to TPG's new Fibre to the basement network being rolled out to my building. My wishes were granted. We got a letter last week saying it was available in our building, and we signed up on that day.

It was installed today, I thought I'd post up some comparison shots.


Before - 8.1mb down, 0.7mb up


After - 93mb down, 38mb up

Amazing right?

Not only is it 10x faster at downloads, and 50x faster at uploads, but it's $10 per month cheaper than what we were paying for our previous Naked ADSL2+ service. It shows what you can acheive when you take Telstra completely out of the equation.

Also, maybe if NBNco had rolled out the fibre to the premises network in dense suburbs like Pyrmont and Southbank at the same time as in remote areas, their signup statistics leading up to the previous election would look a little better and we wouldn't be left with the taxpayer funded gift to Telstra that is the CBN (Coalition Broadband Network).