My K24 CreatorCon Lab: CCL1070 Bring ServiceNow to life in your iOS app! A beginner’s guide to the Mobile SDK

At ServiceNow’s Knowledge 2024 I presented a CreatorCon lab on the topic of the newly-released official ServiceNow iOS Mobile SDK.

The CCL1070 lab is an absolute beginner’s guide to the Mobile SDK. The goal was for attendees to learn how to build an iOS app from scratch, integrated with ServiceNow data and workflows, so that they can see how the Mobile SDK accelerates iOS app development.

Prior to the release of the official SDK, integrating an iOS app with ServiceNow was possible but it’s been made so much easier now. Given this, I ensured that no prior iOS development experience was required to follow the lab as it will likely have been many attendee’s first times doing iOS development.

The lab is now up on NowLearning where you can watch a video recording of the accompanying presentation, access the guidebook, and provision a free lab instance to follow along. You can also access the guidebook directly here.