Service Portal fundamentals: AngularJS scopes

Apart from the basic concepts of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, one of the most powerful things you can learn to really feel comfortable in Service Portal is AngularJS scopes.

There are many resources online which do a great job of explaining AngularJS scopes; there’s really no better than what can be found in the official AngularJS documentation. However, there’s nothing I’m aware of which is targeted at someone who’s getting started in Service Portal, has the basic knowledge of creating a widget, but still feels confused about what’s actually going on behind the scenes. Hopefully after reading this article some of that fog of confusion will have lifted.

Once you understand scopes, the amount of road blocks you’ll hit when developing widgets will dramatically lower, and you’ll be well on your way to becoming a Service Portal master!


Filling PDF forms in ServiceNow

Complex web applications often require the ability to generate documents, and PDF is the obvious format for doing so as it’s the de-facto standard for digital documents.

PDF generation in ServiceNow can be done in various ways, however today I’m going to cover what I feel is a very simple yet powerful method: leveraging the PDF form handling capabilities of the PDF Generator plugin.

The power of this method comes from the fact that any PDF form can be directly consumed, and no time needs to be spent rebuilding an existing PDF form in a format like HTML (which needs to be done when using most other methods).